References From Clients

“ESSeP demonstrates how to utilize an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) framework to promote process automation across existing   Air Force systems and provides a technical foundation for transition to an ERP”
– Former Air Force Chief Information Officer, Mr. John Gilligan

“The ASD SCP-AF portal has the potential to reshape Air Force logistics, allowing fewer people to move more resources around the globe in a timelier and mission-appropriate fashion than paperwork and phone calls could ever enable.”
– Brig. Gen Robert E Mansfield (Ret) – Special Assistant for Supply Chain Integration and Logistics Transformation, Deputy Chief of Staff, Installations & Logistics, HQ USAF<.p>

“ASD’s integration services have been a milestone for Hitachi in the nuclear industry. Their outstanding success in streamlining our work processes and improving client operations has enabled us to achieve significant cost savings and provide greater value.”
– Dr. Toshiaki Yoshinaga, Executive Managing Director, Hitachi Plant and Construction

“With the (ASD-developed eSmith) portal, you log on once, it recognizes who you are, it sends authorization to the systems you need to use, and you’re in. You can get documents on your shared drive no matter where you are as long as you have a web browser and Internet connection.”
– Dr. Sandor Boyson Chief of Information Strategy and Director of the R. H. Smith School’s Supply Chain Management Center

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