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ASD has supported a $761 million GSA contract for U.S. Southern Command cyber modernization that work towards modernizing and to normalize information technology for SOUTHCOM combatant command blue terrain in the cyber warfighting domain to ensure an interoperable and defensible architecture. ASD supported this contract by providing a full range of digital modernization services and technical solutions including installation, operations and maintenance of a Tier 3 Cyber Security System Provider (CSSP), cloud computing, edge computing, multiple X as a Service (XaaS) solutions, and software development.

ASD collaborated with 24AF Cyber Command teams, jointly analyzing and tracking malicious data ensuring vital protection. ASD led a team of AFCENT analysts to perform retrospective analysis on incidents for current and future assets worldwide and designed and implemented plans of action and milestones to remediate results from vulnerability and risk assessments. ASD supported by performing operational assessments, SAVs, HBSS, Bluecoat and other device configuration to ensure security and provided technical oversight SME with lead on issues related to USAFCENT ROE’s and liaison with SLA focus and briefing for the J6 leadership.

ASD personnel via the Navy’s NCIA ITSS Program, Design, develop, engineer, and implement cybersecurity solutions that meet DON security requirements. We ensure the integration and implementation of computer system security meets Navy compliance requirements, establishing and satisfying system-wide information security requirements based on analysis of user, policy, regulatory, and resource demands.

On the Navy CNIC Program ASD supports the Government Cyber Security Managers in the development and implementation of cyber security doctrine and policies. Manage and maintain A&A packages using eMASS and XACTA tools. We implement STIG releases across a variety of operating systems and applications. Track and remediate IAVM vulnerabilities. Manage ACAS vulnerability reports and remediates as required.

For the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ASD provides enterprise IT services for DHS’s biometric identity management system (IDENT) and the Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) to store, match, share, and analyze biometric and biographic data in support of DHS’s strategic mission. ASD’s O&M services support break-fix of current OBIM functional capabilities, as well as security remediation activities and developmental engineering.

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