ASD awarded Knowledge Management at the White House Communications Agency contract

Last updated Wednesday, February 16th, 2022

ASD awarded Knowledge Management at the White House Communications Agency contract by CSRA for Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Under this contract, ASD provides services to support required encompasses a large spectrum of services, including:

  • Software analysis, design, and development to augment the development staff in the agile creation of custom applications
  • Interoperability analysis and testing for COTS tools used to provide security services
  • Operational support on an ad hoc basis for the integration of COTS products and security solutions
  • Maintenance of an integration and test laboratory in the NCR using Government-Furnished Equipment (GFE)
  • Liaise directly with vendors, obtain evaluation copies of hardware and/or software devices/applications and perform preliminary testing in a Contractor test facility to validate that the device or application fully supports the engineering and security standards that underpin local development efforts
  • Implement data mining prototype capabilities using tools that lead the industry in satisfaction of benchmarks and capabilities
  • Support for, and technical review of, systems, security, and applications for portability, flexibility, and data exchange with disparate systems—this will include single sign-on through the use of COTS products to applications hosted within a DMZ
  • Development support for Microsoft SharePoint, including integration with locally developed custom applications
  • Assist the government with the integration of custom applications into the DMZ infrastructure, resolve all incompatibilities and assist with any troubleshooting, customer requests, and the DMZ help desk so as to resolve all malfunctions and incompatibilities and ensure optimal network performance while maintaining required security
  • Assist development staff in configuration and monitoring of web servers/services and application/network load balancing
  • Centrally manage systems, web servers, applications, database access, and configuration management
  • Hold In-Process Reviews (IPRs) as needed and provide information regarding task status (e.g. work progress, cost, funding profiles, and schedule data). IPRs will provide for and interchange between the government and contractor, during the execution of the contract (e.g. approval of system requirements, review of the system design, reviewing the results of functional testing)
  • Database administration to augment the database administration staff in the development and maintenance of databases, using agile database administration methods
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