ASD awarded Enterprise Data Services Contract

Last updated Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

ASD awarded Enterprise Data Services Contract (EDSC) contract by CSRA for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Under this CSC subcontract, ASD is providing innovative and cost-effective master data management, enterprise portal; business rules management governance, oversight and engineering services. ASD is leading the definition, design and documentation of architectures for the Master Data Management (MDM), Business Rules Enterprise Services (BRES) and Enterprise Portal and ensuring that the solutions are integrated and scalable and that they meet customer expectations. This includes the design and development of the strategy, end-state architecture, transitional architectures, and solutions roadmap. Defining the conceptual, system, technical, and application architectures, and in some instances the business systems/process architecture for major areas of development, with a focus on application architecture.

Additionally, ASD personnel are involved in ETL design, architecture, and development and testing activities and administering and optimizing the pre-existing ETL implementation. This includes developing reliable and complex ETL processes to support new development of the Enterprise Master Data Management projects.

Furthermore, ASD personnel are developing plans for security system and infrastructure implementation by evaluating network & gathering systems requirements for storage, and routers, firewalls, and related security and network devices; adhering to industry standards. Finally, ASD personnel are tasked with Infrastructure implementation responsibilities including gathering requirements needed for the infrastructure tasks for the project. This includes evaluating, commenting, and providing infrastructure assistance to the various teams as needed.

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