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Current Projects

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): Data Extract System (DESY) Data Access & Data Shipping System (DADDS)

ASD is currently providing development and maintenance support to CMS’ systems DESY and DADDS. ASD personnel are tasked with System Maintenance activities via engineering, design, development, and test; performing design related tasks, assisting with the deployment to production environment; and testing production patches and upgrades

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI)

ASD is currently providing on-site Program Management and System Engineering support services; including, service availability, release and configuration management, continuity of operations planning (COOP), Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, and help desk support for the Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) applications hosted at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Defense Enterprise Computing Centers (DECCs).

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA): SID Program

ASD supports the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Service Integration and Delivery (SID) contract which entails sustainment of Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) ERP and non-ERP applications used by a worldwide customer base. ASD offers a distributed team of technical consultants providing Service Integration and Delivery (SID) support for mission critical DLA business applications and infrastructure in DISA-hosted Dev, Test, Production, and COOP environments.

Department of Homeland Security: DC-1 Program

ASD supports the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cloud computing initiative moving nine different services to its private cloud. This framework includes a mix of traditional data center services and on-demand commercial cloud computing services to manage sensitive data as part of its effort to consolidate more than 40 data centers into two enterprise data centers at separate locations.

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA): ESOC Program

As part of the program, ASD provides support to the Enterprise Service Operations Center – which consists of self-help knowledge portals, remote service desk resolution support and in-field customer engagement support – for the Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems global customers. The support also includes consolidating and standardizing remote and in-field customer support at the enterprise level.

United States Air Force: ERP/COTS Implementation Pathfinder Project

Oracle eBusiness implementation at OKC (Tinker AFB), to interface with GOTS systems to Improve Weapons Systems Sustainability during Wartime.

Department of Homeland Security: DHS OBIM

ASD supports contract by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) to provide OBIM with major sustainment releases and associated lifecycle artifacts for the Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) in compliance with the DHS Acquisition Directive 102/Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) processes.

OBIM is the lead entity with the Department of Homeland Security for biometric data, providing information technology in support of the DHS Strategic Mission. OBIM operates a major automated identification system in support of its mission: IDENT. IDENT supports OBIM in providing information to, and performing analysis services for, decision makers at federal, state, local, and international law enforcement levels, as well as for immigration partners.

United States Navy: PersMod

ASD’s efforts under the PersMod program encompasses support, sustainment, upgrades, and modernization of personnel systems under the Navy’s Integrated Personnel and Pay System (IPPS) strategy. The Personnel and Modernization (PersMod) effort is to enable sailor self-service and automation of high volume, routine transactions, to enable legacy system consolidation, and develop interoperable capabilities, which can be leveraged across the portfolio of Navy personnel systems.

United States Marine Corps: GCSS MC

ASD provided direct Information Technology (IT) systems engineering management support to the PM GCSS-MC (Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps) to structure and implement the Logistics Chain Management activities associated with the GCSS-MC Oracle ERP Implementation. In this role, ASD was tasked to analyze the ways and means to implement more effective and standardized logistics management processes and systems to support expeditionary logistics, using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

United States Army: WWF/AVCATT

ASD supports the Warfare Fighter Focus Program (WFF/WTA) and the associated AVCATT program, by providing Army simulator training support through integrated, turnkey, life-cycle training services and support worldwide for activities ranging from the Aerial Weapons Scoring System to the urban assault course. ASD Has successfully placed Rotary-Wing IP/IE Pilots and other personnel to support training exercises and operations; maintenance for all training and range systems; curriculum development and instruction; management oversight and administrative support for contractor activities; and supply support for all government-owned property and material.

United States Air Force: Supply Chain AF

With the SCP-AF project, ASD demonstrated interoperability between Commercial and government information technology. Commercial applications (Oracle 11i, Manugistics) were rapidly configured to support Air Force processes, business rules, functionality, and MILSTRIP/MILSTRAP transactions.

United States Air Force: DMO DET

For the USAF Data Management Organization – Data Execution Team effort, ASD has been tasked to provide the structure, oversight and guidance for data preparation and migration activities associated with the modernization of AF legacy systems within the supply chain, logistics and procurement domains. This includes the ongoing development and refinement of the Data Management Organization (DMO). The DMO is responsible for managing data readiness at the macro level and key activities include the establishment and execution of data readiness policy and procedures, data quality metrics, data quality monitoring, technical environment support and sustainment and guiding the data preparation effort from cradle to grave.  Additional key activities include review and evaluation of the current SI interface procedures for data quality impacts; documentation of findings and provide recommendations for mitigation as necessary; establishing monitoring and mitigation techniques for persistent, non AF legacy systems as necessary.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): DECC

Built a next-generation, SOA-based reporting environment using Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database with interoperability and scalability that supports thousands of hospitals, a quality improvement organization, and with the capacity to support 800,000 provider organizations and process millions of files during peak periods

United States Air Force

The WRALC-LMC (Warner Robins Air Logistics Center – Lockheed Martin Aero) Oracle eBusiness Architecture Integration effort involved establishing connectivity between ASD’s SCP-AF (Supply Chain Portal-Air Force) software architecture and the Lockheed Martin eBusiness Architecture for the purpose of exchanging information and processing transactions. Connecting this architecture to the Lockheed Martin eBusiness Architecture demonstrated the strategic benefits of connecting customers and suppliers in a real-time, web enabled environment.

“ESSeP demonstrates how to utilize an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) framework to promote process automation across existing   Air Force systems and provides a technical foundation for transition to an ERP” - Former Air Force Chief Information Officer, Mr. John Gilligan

“The ASD SCP-AF portal has the potential to reshape Air Force logistics, allowing fewer people to move more resources around the globe in a timelier and mission-appropriate fashion than paperwork and phone calls could ever enable.” Brig. Gen Robert E Mansfield (Ret) - Special Assistant for Supply Chain Integration and Logistics Transformation, Deputy Chief of Staff, Installations & Logistics, HQ USAF

“ASD’s integration services have been a milestone for Hitachi in the nuclear industry. Their outstanding success in streamlining our work processes and improving client operations has enabled us to achieve significant cost savings and provide greater value.” - Dr. Toshiaki Yoshinaga, Executive Managing Director, Hitachi Plant and Construction

“With the (ASD-developed eSmith) portal, you log on once, it recognizes who you are, it sends authorization to the systems you need to use, and you're in. You can get documents on your shared drive no matter where you are as long as you have a web browser and Internet connection.” Dr. Sandor Boyson Chief of Information Strategy and Director of the R. H. Smith School's Supply Chain Management Center