Supply Chain Portal Air Force (SCP-AF) 2

Agency: U.S. Air Force
Contract Length: 07/02 – 12/02

SCP-AF (Supply Chain Portal Air Force) 2 – The SCP-AF is a gateway utilizing IT systems to facilitate co-forecasting and seamless supply chain process flow (material, information, and funds). It represented an advanced rather than previous/ current generation of functionality. This solution demonstrated identical AF transactions within COTS (Oracle ERP) and the AF Legacy. The solution to bring Best-of-Breed Business Process from the commercial sector to the Air Force. By increasing the breadth of transactions, this approach gradually brought about the migration of Legacy to COTS. Having an environment in which COTS packages can be deployed relatively quickly is also a very appealing functionality of the SCP-AF framework. It instilled Best-of-Breed Business Process from the commercial sector to the DoD and gave the Military a path ahead to complete the migration of Legacy to COTS.

With this project, ASD, Inc demonstrated interoperability between commercial and government information technology. Commercial applications (Oracle 11i, Manugistics) were rapidly configured to support Air Force processes, business rules, functionality, and MILSTRIP/MILSTRAP transactions. Further, ASD was able to show how functionality from multiple systems could be consolidated into fewer applications with a shared data environment to reduce batch processing and latency for improved transaction execution, less system maintenance and better data integrity. Finally, ASD’s SCP-AF solution demonstrated how complex business logic can be modularized in the underlying systems while business rules, exceptions, and constraints can be externalized to an integration broker where change management is more readily accomplished.