Supply Chain Portal Air Force (SCP-AF)

Agency: U.S. Air Force

SCP-AF (Supply Chain Portal Air Force) – With this project, ASD demonstrated interoperability between Commercial and government information technology. Commercial applications (Oracle 11i, Manugistics) were rapidly configured to support Air Force processes, business rules, functionality, and MILSTRIP/MILSTRAP transactions. Further, ASD was able to show how functionality from multiple systems could be consolidated into fewer applications with a shared data environment to reduce batch processing and latency for improved transaction execution, less system maintenance and better data integrity. Finally, ASD’s SCP-AF solution demonstrated how complex business logic can be modularized in the underlying systems while business rules, exceptions, constraints, etc can be externalized to an integration broker where change management is more readily accomplished.

What the client said:

     The ASD SCP-AF portal has the potential to reshape Air Force logistics, allowing fewer people to move more resources around the globe in a more timely and mission-appropriate fashion than paperwork and phone calls could ever enable.     

Brig. Gen Robert E Mansfield (Ret) – Special Assistant for Supply Chain Integration and Logistics Transformation, Deputy Chief of Staff, Installations & Logistics, HQ USAF.