Global Combat Support System (GCSS-MC)

Agency: Marine Corps

ASD provides direct Information Technology (IT) systems engineering management support to the PM GCSS-MC (Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps) to structure and implement the Logistics Chain Management activities associated with the GCSS-MC ERP Implementation. In this role, ASD has been tasked to analyze the ways and means to implement more effective and standardized logistics management processes and systems to support expeditionary logistics, using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. ASD provides stand-alone support for this effort, helping the PM GCSS-MC structure the process of selecting COTS enterprise business applications, which has included consideration of Oracle, SAP, IBM and best of breed solutions, and a systems integrator for logistics systems modernization in a complex legacy environment. ASD contributes systems integration and program management expertise to the PM GCSS-MC.