Electronic Single Supply e-Procurement (ESSeP)

Agency: U.S. Air Force

Contract Lenght: 08/01/03 – 10/01/04

ASD developed an integrated, workflow automation solution for the Air Force Electronic Single Supply e-Procurement project (ESSeP), a collaborative project between the AF CIO office and AF/IL. Using an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) framework, ASD expedited the Air Force procurement process and enabled electronic commerce between the Air Force and vendor information systems. ASD’s ESSeP solution successfully implements rapid cross-functional integration and automation of business functions, even though those functions reside in multiple systems located throughout the Air Force logistics enterprise. By integrating Air Force logistics, contracting, financial, and procurement processes and systems, ASD’s solution demonstrated reduced end-to-end transaction cycle times. The result dramatically improves mission readiness by leveraging a robust integration framework to reduce the time required to execute critical business functions in existing Air Force backend systems.

What the client said:

     ESSeP demonstrates how to utilize an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) framework to both promote process automation across existing Air Force systems and to provide a technical foundation for transition to an ERP.     

Mr. John Gilligan, Air Force CIO