University of Maryland (e-SMITH)

Agency:University of Maryland

The University of Maryland’s R. H. Smith School of Business wanted to build a web portal that would be among the nation’s leaders in providing timely, convenient access to information for students, administrators and educators. An overall objective of the project was to enhance the relationships within the university community by strengthening links between technology resources and the Office of Information Technology as well as the various sources of campus information and services.

What the client said:

     With the (ASD-developed eSmith) portal, you log on once, it recognizes who you are, it sends authorization to the systems you need to use, and you’re in. You can get documents on your shared drive no matter where you are as long as you have a web browser and Internet connection.     

Dr. Sandor Boyson Chief of Information Strategy and Director of the R. H. Smith School’s Supply Chain Management Center