Contractor Supported Weapon System Data Exchange (CSWS-DE)

Agency: U.S. Air Force

ASD has significant experience directly relevant to facilitating Air Force process engineering efforts using best practices through the CSWS-DE Project (Contractor Supported Weapon System Data Exchange)

  • The CSWS DE (D375) is the bridge for peculiar spares data (reparable and consumable)
    that passes between Contractor data systems and Government legacy data systems while
    the Contractor is managing the Air Force owned spares, and is serving as the Contractor-Inventory
    Control Point (C-ICP) for the weapon system
  • The primary functions of the CSWS DE are to; provide an on-line bridge for sharing
    data between contractor and government systems, Collect and maintain logistics past
    experience data, Determine readiness-based inventory stockage required to support
    Air Force operational needs, Collect materiel procurement, repair, termination,
    and disposal quantities & Support decision making to plan, program, and budget funds