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KIWi- Knowledge Information Warehouse i-Plant

ASD has designed the Knowledge Information Warehouse i-Plant (KIWi-Plant) for the process plant industry as a product for extracting and storing data, for the entire life-cycle of a plant, in the form of an intelligent data warehouse.
Based on the ISO10303, STEP, data model, KIWi-Plant provides an additional dimension of flexibility. As all libraries can be implemented in a plug-n-play manner, the data model can easily be migrated from an ethylene plant to a pharmaceutical plant, to a combined-cycle Power Plant.


The KIWi-Plant product family is a powerful tool for life cycle data management, collaboration and implementation of e-commerce for business-to-business (B2B) solution architectures.
It is the core of an “intelligent” plant information system that accumulates data from data sources (e.g. legacy systems), and transforms the data into intelligent objects. The information model uses implicit modeling techniques to describe all objects and object associations in a generic form that is instantiated by class libraries. The data is stored in a knowledge warehouse for analytical processing or knowledge-based computation. Knowledge is stored in the form of rule-class libraries that can be instantiated for systems or application functionality.
Web-enabled applications allow the user to view the data (review, query) or provide application functionality for specific uses, such as e-commerce or business-to-business integration.


The KIWi-Plant product is implemented on Oracle 8i for its DBMS. The generic model and class libraries are defined as Java Core Classes. The user interface manager is implemented as Java applets for easy connectivity in the Internet/Intranet environment