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Intelligent Data Transfer

ASD’s Intelligent Data Translator (IDT) can achieve integration and data exchange between different plant design systems without losing data integrity. This development provides both a product and service to efficiently setup an automated interoperable environment for all your Process, Power, Offshore, and Pharmaceutical projects.
The results are seamless data conversion and efficient project execution leveraging a combination of systems thus eliminating duplicate efforts in reproducing data in other 3D design systems.


  • Optimized utilization of available licenses of software
  • EPC Partners and O/O’s can seamlessly exchange information and save project costs.
  • Faster time to Market
  • Expand Market Reach
  • Decreasing support costs of system to system interfaces
  • Eliminates point to point adapters and allows for easier maintenance.

Key Features

IDT is the only product available in the market with existing adapters to the leading Plant Design applications (Intergraph PDS and Aveva PDMS). Plus, it provides the capability to build adapters to any other application within your business. Major features are:

  • Pre-defined application mapping schemas can be loaded and edited for changes specific
    to client or project
  • Complex Formula and data transformations are possible while mapping
  • Data Transformation Engine automatically converts data, applies formulas, and reports

Application Of IDT

As EPC’s execute 3D engineering projects in multiple plant-design applications, an interoperability tool between these applications can be applied in a variety of scenarios. Some examples are listed below:

  • Re-use Legacy project from application A into client required application B.
  • Client requires results in application A but company’s competency is in application
  • B.Develop in App B and hand-over in App A.
  • Partners on a project are using both application A & B. IDT will allow the partners
  • to exchange data efficiently and merge model into one deliverable for the client.
  • Exchange data seamlessly with Equipment and Project suppliers.
  • Update As-Built data for decommissioning planning

Data Conversion Scope and Accuracy

Although IDT’s Mapping Tool will allow for nearly any data to be converted, ASD has built mapping schemas for the conversion of the following commodities:

  • Piping – segment data, positional data, attributes
  • In-line components such as branches, reducers, valves, instrumentation, fitting, etc.
  • Equipment – positional data and attributes
  • Structure – positional data and attributes
  • Specifications and Catalog data can be mapped as well.
  • All other commodities, such as raceway, duct, architecture etc are also possible

The Process Involved

  • First – Load Spec and Catalog data from one application to the destination application.The reference geometry libraries within the individual application can be maintained.
  • Second – Extract data by commodity, including names, attributes, sizes, locations, and connectivity data
  • Third – Run IDT for automatic conversion of extracted data to destination application
  • Fourth – Load converted files into the Destination Application
  • Extract Deliverables from the destination application