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Pipe Support Optimizer


Pipe Support Optimizer (PSO) is a fully integrated stress analysis, support location, and design tool. With this product, users can eliminate the manual trial and error steps to determine optimal support locations PSO allows, concurrent engineering during the early piping design phase.

Automatic Input

The program requires the target piping data and relevant plant information (structural steel, equipment, neighboring piping, trays, ducts, walls, floors, etc.) as input. The 3D Piping & Plant model can be read directly from ASD. Pipe Router or imported from Intergraphs PDS and CadCentres PDMS Plant Design Systems.

Feasible Support Locations

PSO automatically identifies feasible pipe support locations according to practical distances from supportable structures. Only feasible support locations are considered for pipe support location optimization. The user can manually edit the feasibility of such locations.


  • Finite element modeling
  • Automatic identification of feasible support points
  • Support location and type optimization
  • Detailed stress analysis and code compliance checking.
  • Full 3D interference detection for designed pipe support frame structure and surrounding
  • plant environment
  • Generation of stress isometrics and support BOQs
  • Interface with PDS & PDMS
  • Stress analysis may be completed in batch or single line
  • Common supports docated


  • Detailed stress analysis report
  • Pipe support optimization report
  • Stress Isometrics