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Pipe Router Microsolution


Pipe Router, ASD’s flagship product provides automatic cost-driven 3-D pipe routing for both FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) and EPC project phases. This expert system enables engineers to cost optimize their designs, reduce the man-hours and reduce the quantity of material on a project. Rack design, equipment layout and MTOs can be fixed earlier providing a significant schedule reduction over the whole EPC phase of a project.

Feed Phase

Pipe Router can be used in the conceptual design mode, when equipment drawings and nozzle locations are not available. In this mode, Pipe Router would provide rule based nozzle placement and optimal nozzle orientation based on the equipment arrangement, providing MTO accuracy within 5%. In this phase, the Pipe Router allows users to evaluate more arrangements, and ultimately choose an optimal layout.

EPC Phase

Pipe Router start with an equipment model from PDS, PLantSpace, or Microstaiton, and automatically routes pipe based on P&ID information. The design progresses seamlessly to preliminary design, updating equipment and line data, as it becomes available. Refinement tools, data driven and CAD driven, can be used by the designer to control the quality of the Basic design. Finally, the completed routes are fed to PDS, PDMS or any other leading CAD systems to kick start your detailed design.

Functionalities and Features

  • Calculates shortest path based on engineering and cost constraints.
  • Reduces number of elbows and length of expensive pipe
  • Automated input requires minimum setup
  • Interference free routing

Engineering Considerations

  • Pipe stress check
  • Supportability considerations
  • Sloped piping
  • Expansion loops


  • 3-D pipe routes transferable to PDS, PlantSpace, and PDMS
  • Accurate MTO which automatically calculates based on client cost data cost information
  • Automatic Isometrics
  • 3-D Design Review Model
  • 2-D Annotated drawings