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ASD’s OptiPlant Configurator is the leading tool being utilized by Owners and EPCs to develop 3D conceptual designs, optimize the designs, estimate the material quantities, analyze the plant for engineering, constructability and operations, while providing high quality deliverables based on 3D automation.

OptiPlant is a 3D knowledge-driven automation tool to quickly develop onshore and offshore facilities for equipment, structures, and piping. It is a complete Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) solution adopted by EPCs as part of their standardized best practice to meet short schedules and deliver consistent and quality results. OptiPlant is a knowledge-based engineering application for developing and optimizing plant layouts through automated 3D modeling and auto-routing of pipe and electrical tray. The OptiPlant work process involves integration with front-end process engineering tools and costing tools to reduce time and allow for more options. OptiPlant optimizes the plant layout through an iterative process that is fast, interactive, and involves multiple disciplines including equipment, piping, process, electrical and civil/structural. Once the process is complete, the deliverables include drawings, reports, and MTO’s. Best of all, the data can be carried to the next stage and is not thrown away.

Following benefits have been realized on production projects:

  • Reduces amount of time to select an optimal plant layout based on maximum safety and minimum cost – efficient optimization
  • Allows for evaluation of more options – optioneering
  • Shortens overall time to market
  • Integrates with leading products for greater value
  • Automated engineering analytics for a better and safer plant

Functionality and Features

  • Model 3D equipment and structures from existing parametric libraries.
  • Stand-alone graphics engine requires no CAD knowledge.
  • Automatically generate a 3D model from an equipment list.
  • Many editing tools including.. Move.. Copy.. Rotate..etc.
  • Import Heat material balance data for pipe sizing
  • Import or Create piping data from PFD or P&IDs
  • 3D interference-free Auto-routing of Pipe and Tray
  • Automated pipe stress, rack loading, and hydraulics calcs
  • Several piping rules are applied automatically including: tower-hugging, accessible
  • valve placement, pump templates, line prioritization and many more.
  • Conforms to ANSI Piping Material Standards
  • Interfaces to Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE or KBASE)
  • Intelligent interface to Intergraph’s SmartPlant® suite – including SPP&ID, Smart™ 3D, and SPPE
  • Intelligent interface to Aveva PDMS
  • Intelligent interface to other major Detail Design systems