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Manu Chatterjee – Chairman and CEO

Mr. Chatterjee, Chairman and Cofounder of Advanced Software Design Inc., is an entrepreneur who has dedicated the last 25 years of his professional career in pioneering the knowledge-based enterprise solution methods, which has helped many of the fortune 500 companies in the process, power, building and energy sectors to stay competitive and reengineer their entire work process for much higher profitability.

Mr. Chatterjee has completed his post-graduate work from University of Washington and is also a registered professional engineer, accredited general engineering and building contractor in the state of California for the last 20 years. Before joining ASD in 1985, he held various senior management level positions within Bechtel, a world’s leading engineering Construction and Management Company. He established Bechtel’s lucrative high-end total plant engineering and software solution business in Japan, which he helped to grow from a few thousand man-hours to cover million man-hour projects.

Mr. Chatterjee has authored and presented over 50 papers in world conferences, discussing innovative software solutions to reduce cost of buildings and all varieties of plants. At Bechtel, he was a recipient to numerous awards, one such award for his contribution in improving productivity for the engineering and construction industry. He had also offered professional degree courses for the building industry, at the University of California in Berkeley, for five years. Mr. Chatterjee continues to routinely advise city-planning commissions on project safety.
As an early proponent of global e-Commerce, he has been involved with standardization of Plant model and business data as part of ISO activities. Two years back, MITI, the highest Japanese government agency of commerce and trade entrusted ASD to develop their first enterprise information system, a new breed of knowledge warehouse which is flexible and intelligent enough to enable any vertical industry to engage in B2B E-Commerce.

Mr. Chatterjee has worked closely with Sun Microsystems, to transform ASD as Sun’s lead enterprise application Integrator, for their Commerce ready .COM center. ASD/Entecon is a registered partner of Sun Microsystems for vertical business solution integration and proof of concept lab for manufacturing, Telco and its financial market. ASD/Entecon’s solution is the key factor for Sun’s expansion of enterprise server sales within companies such as TI, Owens Coning, and possible Hitachi.

Sonali Singh – President

As President of ASD Global, Sonali Singh is responsible for the daily operations and strategic growth of the Engineering and Public Sector business units of the company. She oversees the sales, business development, product development, engineering services, and enterprise solution divisions.

With over 17 years of experience, Sonali joined ASD as a development team member and has held various roles in the product management, sales, and solution strategy groups. During this tenure she was the technical lead in the development and eventual sale of online ad-tracking software to NTT Soft; she participated in the launch of SUN Microsystem’s first iForce enterprise solution and marketing center in San Francisco; she was the project manager for the development of a first-of-a-kind engineering warehouse for a large Nuclear Facility; and she launched the FEED engineering services division within ASD. With this broad experience, her focus is to respond to customers’ key business drivers by providing next generation engineering automation technologies and value-driven FEL and FEED project execution services. Sonali holds a BS in Materials Science from Cornell University.