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ASD Global Announces Interoperability with Intergraph SmartPlant 3D

ASD Global (ASD) has released an interface with Intergraph® SmartPlant® 3D for converting ASD OptiPlant and Pipe Router models to intelligent SmartPlant® 3D objects. This interface adds to the interoperability ASD already provides for Intergraph® PDS®, AVEVA PDMS and Bentley AutoPLANT, further strengthening its position as the only truly platform independent vendor of knowledge based automation engineering and design solutions for front end engineering and design (FEED).

The development is in direct response to requests from our global clients who use ASD OptiPlant and Pipe Router for FEL and FEED design and would then like the option to move their data forward into any Detail Design system of choice. Interoperability brings several benefits starting with the ability to re-use the baseline FEED models as a jumpstart to detail engineering and leveraging data to compress schedules and reduce costs.

ASD’s interface generates an XML file that is imported into your SmartPlant® 3D project resulting in data conversion that is complete, accurate and specification driven. The file, which is read by the PDS® Translator Module, contains 3D geometry, attributes and process data for piping, equipment and structures. The XML output also follows the ISO 15926 data model and structure and is one of the first implementations of 3D geometry exchange.

[“Intergraph® SmartPlant® 3D and PDS® are registered trademark(s) of Intergraph Corporation in the United States and other countries”]

  • OptiPlant Configurator:

    A standalone product that combines conceptual 3D Equipment and Structures Modeling with Automated Pipe Routing to deliver rapid Plot-Plan Development & Optimization and Accurate MTO Generation. All the data created in OptiPlant can be transported to Bentley AutoPLANT, Intergraph PDS® and SmartPlant® 3D and AVEVA PDMS or any other detail design system you may prefer.

  • ASD Pipe Router:

    An add-on application for PDMS or MicroStation that allows you to Automate/Batch interference free 3D Pipe Routing around existing PDMS or PDS® Equipment, Pipe Racks and Structures. Pipe Router is available for Bentley MicroStation versions 8 and J; and AVEVA PDMS version 11.x and 12.

About ASD

Advanced Software Design Inc. (ASD) is an established leader providing Knowledge based engineering software and industry focused business solutions. By applying in-house software developments combined with extensive domain knowledge we help clients in the Energy and Government sectors, to optimize their critical work process and significantly improve their efficiency and profitability. ASD has dedicated the past 25 years to transforming advanced state-of-the art technology into powerful application solutions for the global Process, Power, and Offshore Industry, and for the STATE and FEDERAL Government including many Fortune 500 commercial enterprises.

For more information or to test this interface, please contact us at

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