Construction Automation Solution is a state-of-the-art simulation tool which allows construction project administrators to preview and plan the construction cycle. This productivity tool allows the user to simulate the movement of individual cranes or groups of cranes involved in the construction yard. Construction activities can be optimally scheduled, thus ensuring lower project costs.

CRANE-CAD is a user-friendly tool and aids the user in rapidly developing complex animation sequences. The construction site contours for excavation sloped and ramps are the first to be input to the system. Models of various cranes, trailers, and trucks are stored in a library that can be updated as required. A structural elements library has been included to model the existing buildings and structures to be erected.

Key Features include:

  • Equipment Load and Building Modeling.
  • Construction Yard Contour Modeling.
  • Extensive resource library including Crawler Cranes, Jib Cranes, Truck mounted cranes,
    Derrick cranes, and trailers.
  • Interactive or Script based operations.
  • Automated Report generation.