Commerce Consolidated Settlement (DMV)

California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Contract Lenght: 6/30/2008 – 9/30/2009

ASD is providing expertise with analysis, system design, coding and migration of this new consolidated settlement application for the DL and VR Online Records applications, PPIRO and SB1500 online Vehicle Financial Responsibility Reinstatement application. The goal is the deployment of a single robust consolidated settlement solution, which integrates the three newest e-commerce applications and ultimately all e-commerce transactions.


ASD developed the Settlement Processes Functional Requirements, which included but not limited too the Consolidated Settlement processes subsets such as Customer Driver License online records requests, Vehicle Registration online records requests, SB1500 VFRR acceptance processing, Current E-commerce applications (VRIR, DLIR, PPIRO) impacts, Communication with Elavon (NOVA) – credit card/pinless debit processing, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction processing, DMV backend Accounting Systems processing and integration, and Information and transaction processing security.

ASD designed the Settlement Processing System, created code Logic Documentation, built the application(s) and is conducting Unit, Systems, Integration Testing, and performing quality control testing to ensure the finished applications and code modifications to existing systems are migrated without incident and perform as expected the first time.